Relaxation Neck Pillow (Lavender & Flaxseed) in 6 Patterns


Our aromatherapy neck pillow is a perfect companion to your mediation, yoga, mindfulness or relaxation practice. Filled with dried lavender and flaxseed, it is soft and lightweight and creates a nice massage effect. It helps with muscle relaxation especially for tense neck and shoulder area.

The removable pillowcase is washable and made from premium quality Pima cotton lawn. Pima cotton is beautifully soft and behaves like silk. It is most closely comparable to Egyptian cotton in that it shares long-fibered tensile strength and an amazingly soft feel. Pima cotton was first produced in Peru but has been named after the Pima tribe of Native Americans who began cultivation of cotton in the US.

Choose between 6 beautiful patterns for the pillow cover.

Scented with natural dried lavender.

Hand-crafted in the UK.

Dimensions: 47cm - 8cm

Weight: 300g

Place the neck pillow on your shoulders and neck area, feel balanced and at peace whilst enjoying the lavender scent. 

The neck pillow can also be used as a cold compress. Remove the outer pillowcase and place the eye pillow in the freezer in a sealed plastic bag to chill, 30 minutes before use.

It can also be warmed in the microwave for 10 seconds to help sooth stiff muscles.

Care instructions: Outer pillowcase is removable and machine washable at 30°C.

Outer pillowcase: Superior Pima cotton lawn (removable and machine washable 30°C.)

Inner cover: Linen cotton

Filling: Dried lavender and flaxseed

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