How to use essential oils in different rooms in your home?

There are few things more inviting than adding a scent to your home, making the space feel more relaxing and welcoming. But instead of using a chemical-based methods, essential oils offer a natural alternative, with a fantastic variety of aromas to choose from. You can use several different methods to scent your home, whether it’s using a diffuser, spray or candle. Create a spa-like sanctuary with our ultimate guide on which essential oils to use for different spaces and rooms in your home.

1. Bedroom

Lack of sleep can have a negative effect on your wellbeing. To help create a calming sanctuary that encourages you to drop off, natural calming and soothing scents can be used in your bedroom. The best essential oils to use in your bedroom are lavender, frankincense, chamomile and clary sage.

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2. Living space

Your living space is your sanctuary which should feel pleasant, relaxing and comfortable. The living room is where you are most likely to wind down after a long day, so it is important to create a calming ambience. Uplifting and floral scents brings a sense of calm are the perfect choice for your space. The floral energy created by the sweet and rich scent boosts happiness and increase confidence, as well as reduce feelings of stress.

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3. Home Office

Your home office is the space where you feel productive, energetic and motivated but also grounded, calm and focussed. Good choice for scents for your home office include citruses, peppermint, rosemary as well as woody scents. Offices should be geared towards maximum productivity – especially as most of us will be spending a lot more time in this room. Some studies have shown that rosemary can aid focus and clear the mind – just what you need when you’re settling down for an afternoon of paperwork. Fresher, fruitier scents like grapefruit, orange or lemon give that zesty feeling that’s perfect for getting you going in the morning and encouraging positivity.

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4. Kitchen

Eliminating strong and pungent scents after cooking is a key priority when choosing scents for your kitchen. Kitchens should feel fresh, clean and bright, so try uplifting scents like bergamot and lemon to counteract any lingering smells. You can also use cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere while cooking. These scents also have antibacterial properties, which can help keep your kitchen clean and healthy.

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5. Bathroom

Your bathroom is a space to unwind and relax, and the right scent can help you do just that. Eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree oils are perfect for creating a fresh and invigorating atmosphere in your bathroom. These scents are also known for their antibacterial and antiviral properties, making them ideal for a space that needs to be kept clean. Additionally, you can use lavender and vanilla to create a more calming and soothing atmosphere in your bathroom, perfect for a long soak in the tub.

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To recap, essential oils are a natural and effective way to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your home. Whether you want to create a calming space in your bedroom, a productive environment in your home office, or a fresh and clean atmosphere in your kitchen and bathroom, there is an essential oil blend that can help you achieve your goals. With so many options to choose from, you can easily find the perfect scent to match your mood and create your own personal spa-like sanctuary.

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