Because the power of aromatherapy is such a wonderful thing...

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At Clarity Blend, our mission is to make aromatherapy accessible so that everyone can enjoy its benefits. We make natural and vibrant blends to help you clear your mind, boost your energy or uplift your mood!


“We found ourselves craving the feelings of calm and being one with nature”

Hi there! We’re Veronika and Dimitar Vasilev, the family team behind Clarity Blend. Clarity Blend was born out of a need to reconnect with ourselves and nature, and achieve a more harmonious way of life. Demanding city jobs had left our energy levels depleted: we experienced muscle tension, feelings of anxiety and bouts of insomnia, and were determined to find ways to stop the cycle of stress.

With happy memories of growing up surrounded by the aromatic meadows of the Bulgarian countryside, we found ourselves craving the feelings of calm that time spent in nature had given us. We were keen to harness the power of plants, but despite our best efforts we couldn’t find the natural, non-toxic and sustainable products we wanted. So, we took matters into our own hands…

After painstakingly researching plants and studying with clinical aromatherapists, our first blends Sweet Dreams and Energy Boost ranges were born. Our sleep improved, and we began to feel less stressed and more connected; an interest in yoga and meditation then inspired our Heart Chakra blend, perfect for those mindful moments. Since then, we’ve added other blends to our range – each inspired to help you with certain wellness need or to transport you to a particular happy place. 


“I always had this fascination about capturing nature in a bottle”

The power of aromatherapy is a wonderful thing and we’re passionate about sharing its benefits so you can enjoy a more balanced, positive, and healthier lifestyle. We like to call it ‘Nature in a bottle’. Inspired by this, we set out to harness nature's woods, flowers, resins, and fruit essential oils to create a range of extra special aromatherapy blends harmoniously blended to boost your well-being whatever the mood or situation. We source pure essential oils from all over the world and sprinkle a touch of our Bulgarian heritage into our blends. Our aim from the outset was to capture the essence of the meandering meadows and flowery scents of our childhoods and share their natural benefits with you. 


All our products are fully hand-blended by us in our Wokingham, Berkshire workshop. By nature of our products, most of the essentials oils we use are not natively grown in the UK so we source them from across the world using reputable suppliers. We sample many oils and raw ingredients before choosing a supplier and vigorously research the origins of the oil and the plants to ensure the vibrancy and therapeutic quality of the oils. We do not use essential oils from endangered or vulnerable plant species, such as sandalwood or rosewood. In terms of production process, we strictly follow the practices outlined in the Good Manufacturing Guide and all our formulations are certified and safety approved. 

Sustainability is another core value of ours. We are passionate about minimising and eventually eliminating the use of any form of plastic from our products. We use glass product containers and bamboo and rubber-capped glass pipettes for our body & bath, roll-on, and pure blend bottles and we use metal (as opposed to plastic) roller balls in our pulse point roll-ons. All our hampers and delivery boxes use kraft boxes combined with a fully recyclable filling or biodegradable peanut pellets. We are constantly looking at options to further improve our environmental impact.


100% Natural Goodness

We specialise in quality, eco-friendly & 100% natural aromatherapy formulations all free from artificial fragrances, parabens, sulphates, phthalates and SLSs.



Each product is handmade in a workshop in Berkshire under Good Manufacturing Practice. Because we want to make sure that you are getting exceptional products every time!


Good for Mother Nature

With us you are getting the best for you whilst being good to Mother Nature.  

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