Scents and personalities: What do your scent preferences say about your personality?

We are instinctively drawn to certain scents: you might naturally be drawn to fresh and citrusy scents or you may love deep, musky, oriental scents. But what our affinity to certain scents say about our personalities?

Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense with a direct link to the brain which has developed over millennia. The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. Those with full olfactory function may be able to think of smells that evoke particular memories; the scent of an orchard in blossom conjuring up recollections of a childhood picnic, for example. 

In perfumery, affinity to scents is well researched and customers are categorised into four different types: Freshness, Air, Earthy, Fire or Fresh, Floral, Oriental and Woody personality profiles. This traditional classification makes it possible to define the correspondences between the perfume and all the constituent elements of the personality of the person (the voice, and tastes in terms of odours, flavours, colours, drinks, artists, fabrics, environment, etc.).

In aromatherapy, we broadly distinguish between 6 main scent families and corresponding personalities:

  1. Citruses

Aspirations: To feel harmony within themselves, to have security, respect and approval.

If you are drawn to citrusy, fresh and fruity scents, you are likely to have a positive outlook, be happy, spontaneous, bright and joyful. Citruses are typically morning people and enthusiastically put their energies into exciting projects. Citruses are extroverts and like to be social and friendly. They have empathy with others and because of their encouraging positivity, they are typically endearing and loveable.

  1. Florals

Aspirations: To stand out of the crowd, to have status and be admired.

If you are drawn to floral scents, you are likely confident, ambitious and high achiever. When florals are in an abundant state, they are passionate, sensuous and flirty. Florals have a very aesthetic nature and strive for excellence. Florals bring a lot of happiness and joy to those around them. They are very creative and artistic.

  1. Woodies

Aspirations: To connect, gain wisdom and have purpose.

If you are drawn to scents such as cedarwood,  pine, cypress, sandalwood, palmarosa and fir needle, you are most likely a woody. Woodies are wise visionaries, thinkers and intellectuals. They want to understand the world and the universe and are extremely curious, focused, insightful and perceptive. Hard work and concertation doesn’t frighten woodies and they will preserve with their ambition. Woodies are pacifists and can’t abide aggression in any form.

  1. Earthies

Aspirations: To preserve tradition, to build strong communities.

If you are drawn to earthy scents such as vetiver, ginger, valerian, fennel, you are most likely an earthy type. Earthies are good-natured, easy-going, laid back and serene. They are naturally down to earth, supportive, friendly and encouraging. Earthies have strong ethics and are honest, loyal, reliable and humble. They are open-minded and very adventurous and do not like to stay still.

  1. Herbies

Aspirations: To loved and be loved unconditionally, to be appreciated and needed

If you like herbaceous scents, such as rosemary, sage, thyme or marjoram, you are most likely what we call a herbie! Herbies are well-mannered, empathetic, generous, like to make others feel special without manipulation. Thoughtfulness is your middle name and you are very reliable, organised and like to plan ahead. Herbies are very sympathetic and have good intentions. They are the stay-at-homes which is where they really want to be.

  1. Spices

Aspirations: to experience and live to the fullest

If you drawn to deep, exotic spices, your personality is likely to fall into the ‘spices’ category. Spices are introverted on the outside and do not like to reveal their true self but their waters are deep and they have a warm-hearted and sensuous nature. In their essence, spices are dynamic and self-assured with a zealous appreciation of life. Their energy and intelligence can make them fascinating people and charming and loving when they let people in their circle.

For more information on aromatherapy and personalities, see Valerie Ann Worwood’s book ‘ The Fragrant Mind’.

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