10 Ways to Use Essential Oil Blends

When blended, essential oils work synergistically and harmoniously to enhance their properties and wellbeing benefits. There is an art and craft to blending as some essential oils mix better than others, for example some citrus, herbaceous, floral, spicy, woody and medicinal oils blend well with those of their own or with essential oils from other families.

Pure essential oil blends are a mix of undiluted essential oils with no carrier or base oils. They are truly multi-functional and versatile and there are hundreds of ways you can use them. Here are 10 different common everyday uses that we love.

At Clarity Blend, we offer a range of EO blends to suit different needs or to transport you to a happy place.

clarity blend aromatherapy essential oil blend range

  1. Home diffusing 

clarity blend aromatherapy waterless diffuser and pure essential oil blends

Diffusing an essential oil blend is a great way to enliven and refresh your space with natural aromas. Unlike air fresheners and other products that use artificial fragrances, essential oils are 100% natural. Diffusing will disperse tiny molecules into the air in a fine mist. It’s a lovely way to create a specific ambience for your home. You can choose between calming, energising or inspiring scents that transport you to a favourite happy place. Create a new signature scent for your home.

Clarity Blend offers a plastic-free nebulising diffuser which doesn’t use water or heat. It offers the most natural and clean release of essential oils, delivering a deeper and more lasting effect than conventional plastic diffusers.

Our best blends for home diffusing? Frankly all of them! Depending on your wellness need or scent preferences, we have a wide range of blends. Click here to explore our range

  1. Massage oil

clarity blend aromatherapy bath and body massage oil

Essential oil blends are perfect for a restoring and therapeutic massage. Pure essential oils should never be used directly on the skin or digested as they are highly concentrated plant extract. [check our article on safe uses of essential oils] You should keep them away from children. Please make sure to read the label and instructions on your product.

Blends can be mixed with a base oil (also known as carrier oil) which are vegetable or nut oils. The vegetable oils used in this process have come to be known as 'carrier oils', because they 'carry' the properties of the essential oils. You would need to dilute the pure blend into 30 ml of carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil, apricot kernel peach kernel, oil, macadamia or sunflower. We strongly suggest always applying 1% dilution – which is around 5 to 6 drops of the blends into 30 ml of carrier oil. Please do not be tempted to add more or not to measure it properly.

Once this is done, it is perfect for a full body massage! You can ask your partner to massage you or you can apply the oil massaging certain areas of your body typically legs, arms, and neck.

At Clarity Blend we offer a range of pre-blended Body & Bath oils.

Our best blends for massage? Mind Spa for relaxation, Energy Boost for revitalisation and Deep Forest for a grounding forest escape [add links]

  1. Aromatic bathing  

clarity blend aromatherapy heart chakra bath salts

Similar to creating your massage oil you can create your bath salts by mixing 100 grams of Epsom or pink Himalayan salts with 4-5 drops of a pure blend. The salts work brilliantly with essential oils and you can enjoy a nice long soak absorbing the aromas as well as the beneficial properties of the blend.

At Clarity Blend we offer a range of bath salts perfect for at-home-spa and aromatic bathing.

Our best blends for aromatic bathing? Sweet Dreams for a soothing lavender hug and Mind Spa for a luxury home spa experience.

  1. Dot on a yoga mat

woman preparing yoga mat for exercise

To enhance your yoga practice or meditation, you can add one drop of your desired blend to the top of your yoga mat. Blends containing frankincense essential oil, such as our Heart Chakra blend, are amazing for meditation as frankincense has spiritual and uplifting properties and is perfect for visualisation.

Our best blends for your yoga practice? Heart Chakra and Deep Forest

  1. Aromatherapy locket, pendant or bracelet

aromatherapy bracelets and pendants

You can dot a drop of your favourite blend on a special EO locket or bracelet for a bonus of aromatherapy with your jewellery. Aromatherapy lockets, pendants or bracelets can be found on most mass online retailers.

Our best blends for your aromatherapy jewellery? Flower Power, Sunset Bliss and Summer Meadow

  1. DIY car diffuser 

Home-made car diffuser is an excellent way to add an extra aromatherapy boost whilst out and about. Simply, add a couple of drops to a fabric or paper keyring and attach it to a suitable place in your car enjoying the aromas.

Our best blends for your car? Citrus Delight, Summer Meadow and Energy Boost

  1. DIY personal inhaler stick

woman inhaling from aromatherapy essential oil inhaler stick

You can easily order empty inhaler sticks on most online mass retailers. Just add a drop on the cotton and pop in and you can enjoy on the go. For blends containing stronger essential oils just make sure to smell gently and do not inhale deeply as it can sometimes be irritating and can cause a headache.

Our best blends for inhaler sticks? Energy Boost and Sweet Dreams

  1. Inhalation – for certain blends only

woman inhaling from bowl with essential oils

Inhalation is particularly good if you are having a cold or feeling congested and you are using a blend which contains decongesting and expectorant essential oils such as eucalyptus or peppermint. Add a few drops of the essential oil blend into a pint of hot water (not boiling water but warm water) in a bowl and gently inhale the vapor but not being too close to the bowl. You can put a towel over your head. This is also beneficial for skincare especially for congested pores.

Our best blends for inhalation? Energy Boost, Mind Spa and Deep Forest

  1. Foot soak

aromatherapy foot soak bowl

An at-home foot soak is an easy way to relax and recharge after a long day. It also allows you to focus on your oft-neglected feet, which work hard all day. What is more essential oils are absorbed best through the feet - essential oil molecules are absorbed by the feet and enter the blood stream to be taken to various parts of the body. The oil molecules bind to cell receptors in the target organ to ‘administer’ its therapeutic benefits. To create your foot soak, add 4-6 drops of your blend to 50 gr of bath salts and 20 gr of carrier oil (optional). Mix well and add to a large bowl of hot water. Soak your feet for 15- 20 mins. You can use the mixture as a scrub.



Our best blends for soaking your feet? Deep Forest, Mind Spa and Active Life



  1. DIY room spray

aromatherapy diy room spray

Finally, one of my favourite ways is mixing the blend with alcohol such as 70% rubbing alcohol or you can use vodka as it is odourless. You would need a 50 ml spray bottle. Just mix 10 drops of your blend with the alcohol, stir and pour into the bottle. You can use it as an anti-bacterial spray as the alcohol will kill bacteria and you could also use it as an air or fabric freshener.

Our best blends for a DIY spray? Sunset Bliss, Citrus Delight and Sweet Dreams


Hello Julie,

This one of our more frequently asked questions.

The PDSA advises that whilst some essential oils can be toxic if applied to or consumed by pets, there are generally safe to use so long as they are of high quality and low dilution. We use the high quality therapeutic grade oils and all our blends are certified to comply with regulations and use essential oils in low dilutions. We do not use heavy oil or artificial fragrances.

If you diffuse essential oils in a diffuser, we recommend not to run for longer than 2 hours, especially if you are using a nebulising diffuser (i.e. waterless technology) as they typically yield a highly concentrated scent. It is advisable to keep the space well ventilated to avoid concentration of essential oils in the air.

Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have questions and I would be more than happy to help :)

Kind regards,


Veronika Vasileva October 24, 2020

I am very interested in using essential oils in a diffuser, but as we home board dogs I’m not sure if it would be safe/advisable? Also how long would you recommend to run a diffuser?

Kind regards

Julie Turnbull

Julie Turnbull October 24, 2020

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