Top 5 Essential oils for spring

Spring is finally on its way! But our bodies are most likely still feeling the effects of winter. We may still be sluggish, irritable and lacking energy. To supercharge our mind, body and soul this spring, we have hand-picked our top 5 favourite essential oils for spring. These are strong all-rounders with solid immune-supporting properties, invigorating and energy boosting to help you shed any last signs of spring lethargy and be brimming with vitality and positivity.

  1. Lemon verbena 

If you have to choose only one oil this spring, go for lemon verbena! We recently rediscovered this highly beneficial powerhouse of a plant and a little goes a long way… Lemon verbena has an intensely beautiful, sweet, lemony scent that will refresh your senses this spring. It is useful to shake off any lingering colds, relieving sinus congestion, and ease indigestion and nausea. Its uplifting properties relieve feelings of being ‘under the weather’ and improve concentration.

  1. Geranium

Spring is the time to uplift your senses feeling renewed lightness and spring in your step. Geranium is the best floral essential oil for the purpose with its sweet floral, rose-like aroma. It is toning and rejuvenating and has a balancing effect as it can soothe without sedating and uplift the spirits for new beginning this spring. 

  1. Chamomile

Nothing says spring like daisies trodden under foot! Chamomile has a very soothing and balancing profile but with a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Regardless if you go for the Roman or German variety, chamomile is a great all-rounder for spring.

  1. May Chang

The sweet lemony aroma of May Chang is pleasant and epitomises spring. May Chang essential has refreshing, stimulating and uplifting action, which makes it perfect for relieving fatigue, irritability and lethargic psychological states.

  1. Manuka

Native to New Zealand and steam distilled from the manuka tree, Manuka essential oil is warm and woody, similar to tea tree but gentler and honey-like. Its purifying properties are perfect for spring. Emotionally, Manuka oil is a balancing and soothing essential oil that is grounding when needed.

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