We are a UK-based, artisanal aromatherapy company on a mission to help people live happier and more balanced lives by harnessing the power of plants in self-care routines.

Created by Veronika and Dimitar Vasilev, Clarity Blend was born out of deep necessity to reconnect with ourselves and nature in pursuit of the internal harmony which we have somewhat lost in our hectic daily lives. This has ignited our passion for pure, natural ingredients reflected in all our products. We blend essential oils synergistically to create vibrant and therapeutic products. We love working with essential oils as they are truly ‘nature in a bottle’. We sprinkle a touch of our Bulgarian heritage to our blends, having tried to recreate the meandering meadows and flowery scents of our childhoods.

All our products use the highest quality natural ingredients and our formulations include therapeutic grade essential oils and nutrient rich plant oils from trusted suppliers. By taking time for self-care - be it massaging your body, taking a bath or diffusing our blends in home ambience - our products promote self-care and inner reflection. Our products help our customers create a self-care routine in their lives which supports mental health.

  • 100 % natural ingredients

All our products contain 100% natural ingredients, the majority of which are certified organic. Each ingredient in our blends is selected for its potency and efficacy and sourced responsibly from trusted suppliers. Our products are non-toxic and free from preservatives, parabens, synthetic colours, fragrances, mineral oils, SLS and other nasties. In our blends, we use therapeutic grade essential oils with intensity and vibrational quality and nutrient-rich plant oils.

  • Vegan and cruelty free products

We do not, and never will, test any of our products or ingredients on animals and have made the conscious decision not to sell our products in countries where animal testing is required by law. We believe that animal testing is not acceptable. We recognise that customer safety is of importance but that this can be achieved without testing on animals. Our products are vegan-friendly as we do not use any ingredients of animal origin and we do not use any ingredients that involve animals in their production processes.

  • Eco-friendly packaging

We use amber glass bottles for our oil-based blends to protect the cold pressed, plant-based oil oils from UV radiation. As passionate advocates for sustainable manufacturing, we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our products, by both sourcing responsibly but also encouraging re-cycling and up-cycling of our products. We do not use outer packaging for our oil body oils, essential oil blends and roll-ons. We use cardboard postal boxes and do not use bubble wrap with our products.

We avoid using plastic wherever possible, but if we must do, we will ensure that it is compostable or high-grade recyclable (PE / PET). We strive to replace plastic with wood or other sustainable source materials, such as using bamboo pipettes for our body oils and essential oil blends. 

  • Handcrafted in small batches in England

All our products are formulated and hand-blended by us with care in small batches in our Berkshire-based studio.This helps ensure quality while providing freshness and eliminating waste. We strictly follow the practices outlined in the Good Manufacturing Guide and all our formulations are certified and safety approved.

We hope that you share our values, and we look forward to helping you in your quest for a happier, more balanced life!