Nebulising Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Kit

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Bring nature indoors and create the perfect home sanctuary with our uplifting scents…

Let the evocative aromas of essentials oils instantly boost your mood and wellness. Clarity Blend's hand-crafted nebulising diffuser is plastic-free and works without the need for water or heat. Safe and energy-efficient, it offers the most natural and clean release of essential oils, delivering a deeper, loner lasting effect. This is the future of home aromatherapy!

  • Experience the therapeutic benefits and true scents of essential oils in all their natural glory. It’s no wonder this diffuser is widely preferred by aromatherapists as it helps maintain the holistic and therapeutic properties of essential oils.
  • High-performing nebulising diffuser: Following the Bernoulli principle of fluid dynamics, it is the most effective clean diffuser of pure essential oils on the market. Featuring automatic scent-intensity controls, switch-off function and rotating ambient LED lights, it also comes with a USB and electric UK adapter.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable: The diffuser is plastic-free, meaning essential oils never come into contact with plastic so there is zero risk of plastic contamination. Unlike the conventional plastic, heated humidifier diffusers on the market, the nebulising diffuser works without the need to heat up the essential oils or add water.
  • Unique and stylish design: Crafted from wood and hand-blown glass, with a beautifully curved teardrop shape, the diffuser will enhance your bedroom, office, kitchen, bedroom or living room. It also makes the perfect gift for any occasion.
  • Create your mood: Whatever your wellbeing need – getting a better night’s sleep, boosting energy, uplifting your mood, or stimulating your senses – our diffuser is your perfect companion! We recommend using only Clarity Blend’s pure essential oil blends in the diffuser as they contain 100% pure, high-quality and therapeutic-grade essential oils suitable for aromatherapy. 

Comes with an option to purchase as a kit with 2 pure essential oil blends:

Mind Spa x 10 ml

Sweet Dreams x 10 ml


  • Exterior made of eco-friendly materials: wood, hand-blown glass, aluminium and rubber.
  • Low energy consumption: the diffuser has a Usage Cycle of 3 minutes On, and 2 minutes Off. Auto Shut-off after 120 minutes.
  • Lighting: features rotating rainbow LED ambient mood lighting.
  • Effective coverage on max. diffusion setting is 30sqm.
  • The unit measures approx. 4in (10cm) wide and 9in (23cm) tall.
  • Works on any electrical outlet (110 or 220v) and comes with USB and electric UK adapter.
  • Easy clean with 70% rubbing alcohol.
  • Full instruction leaflet on use and maintenance included. Presented in a beautiful, recyclable card giftbox. 

Want to spoil a loved one and gift them the perfect pamper present? We have you covered, just choose your preferred card design, provide us with your personalised message at checkout and we will print it and include it with the diffuser kit.

Note: The nebulising diffuser uses pressured air to release aromas and therefore is NOT completely silent – there is a gentle humming, which most people find barely noticeable.

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