Essential Oil Blends to Boost Your Wellness This Autumn


With the transition from summer to autumn and the advent of the Autumn Equinox, now is a great time to boost our wellness and think about new beginnings. Autumn is the time that we are likely to spend more time indoors as the days get cooler and shorter. In terms of energy levels, our energy levels tend to vary, as we are in back-to-school / back-to-work mode. We may feel wired one day and low on energy the next day. Colds and flus may start to make appearance with the temperature changes. On psychological level, we may become a bit more introspective and with everything happening in the world right now, things can get a bit overwhelming. 


We tend to spend more time at home during the autumn / winter months. Our home is our sanctuary and now is a good time to think of ways to improve your home ambience and cosiness at home. A fantastic way to do that is diffusing essential oil blends and investing in a diffuser. At Clarity Blend, our beautiful hand-crafted nebulising aromatherapy diffuser is the bee’s knees when it comes to sustainability – it’s plastic-free, energy-efficient and uses clever technology without the need for water or heat. It helps release the true aromas of the essential oils and is longer lasting. 

diffuser essential oils



At this time of year, it can feel quite hectic in the run up to Christmas and with deadlines and responsibilities looming before the festive season. We may feel wired, stressed and overwhelmed at times. To help with this, our Deep Forest blend comes to the rescue - this is our grounding blend with woody and earthy notes and is a true forest-bathing experience

Delve into the woody delights of our Deep Forest range and discover a more centred and grounded you. This powerhouse of earthy, fresh and reviving essential oils will help you slow down, reconnect and feel more grounded. So, inhale deeply and let your senses tap into the calm and quiet of a true forest bathing experience…



Sleep can be negatively affected in the transitional period into autumn. The decrease in the amount of daylight in the autumn influences the body's sleep-wake cycle, or circadian rhythm. Light affects the release of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm and makes you feel sleepy. At the same time, with the constant push and pull of everyday life, it’s not always easy to switch off. If you'd like to support your natural sleep pattern and drift off to sleep naturally, our Sweet Dreams blend is just for you! The tranquil blend of lavender, frankincense and geranium holds the key to a restful night, leaving you feeling refreshed and restored. Admit it – you feel more rested already.


Now is also a great perfect time to start a new workout routine. As summer shades into autumn, that renewed feel offers the ideal opportunity for a fresh start. It’s also a great excuse to dust off your exercise kit, whether that’s a pair of trainers, a wetsuit for cold water swimming or an eco-friendly yoga mat. 

Our Active Life blend is the perfect workout companion, featuring eucalyptus, black pepper, juniper and peppermint. It is reviving, refreshing and helps fend off fatigue. It is also anti-bacterial and anti-viral and the blue gum eucalyptus helps ease breathing. 

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