How to beat the winter blues with essential oils?

Did you know that the word “winter” comes from an old Germanic word that means “time of water” and refers to the rain and snow of winter in middle? Winter is indeed the “blue season” with the least amount of sunlight, dark mornings, darker evenings, and chilly grey days. This seasonality causes changes in our body and mind when we typically feel a slump in energy and become more lethargic. This can be an opportunity to slow down, find stillness and reflection. Tuning into the winter energy can allow us to press the pause button at this time of year to recharge and nourish ourselves, while letting go of what depletes us.

This is the time when many people experience the winter blues, commonly known as Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The NHS defines S.A.D as ‘A type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern.’ They estimate that as many as 1 in 15 people suffer from SAD between the months of September and April. The winter blues is usually marked by feeling more down than usual, sad, less energised, or less interested in activities one usually enjoys.

Using essential oils and aromatherapy can be a simple but effective way to beat the winter blues. Natural scents are known to have the power to lift moods, regulate emotions, and improve sleep. Here are 5 ways to beat the winter blues this season using the natural goodness of essential oils.

1. Uplift your mood and energy with essential oil

When you inhale an essential oil the small compounds send signals to tell the brain to call on the appropriate neurotransmitters to regulate your mood. According to Dr. Alan R. Hirsch of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, “The quickest way to change a mood state - quicker than with any other sensual modality - is with smell.”

This makes them simple and ideal options for alleviating symptoms of SAD. The essential oils that are uplifting and work particularly well at this time of the year are the citrus, floral and wood-scented essential oils. There are a number of ways to apply essential oils for a mood boost – from diffusing a blend in your diffuser or burner, taking an aromatic bath with essential oils or simply applying a pulse point roll-on during your day. Our Energy Boost blend with peppermint, rosemary and sweet orange is specifically created to give you a boost when most needed and ideal during this time of year.

2. Improve concentration and focus with essential oils

Among other helpful strategies to boost your concentration and motivation - such as mindfulness, healthy diet and apps that block notifications and social media access for certain periods of time - essential oils are well known to help boost memory, cognitive and mental ability. Fresh, herbaceous and woody essential oils are particularly stimulating for our mind and memory. Our Deep Forest Room mist is a powerhouse of earthy, fresh and reviving essential oils will help you reconnect, feel more grounded and improve focus and concentration.

3. Lift negative emotions

Negative emotions, such as fear, self-doubt, anger, apathy and insecurity, can be overwhelming. Disruptive emotional reactions and feelings aren't just unpleasant; they also make it hard to function in your normal daily life, and they interfere with your ability to accomplish goals. While there are many ways to find harmony—meditation, yoga, regular exercise, eating healthfully—essential oils have been used for hundreds of years to help balance emotions. Aromatherapy has a profound influence on the mind, affecting your behaviour and actions, enriching your relations with others, but most notably, improving your relationship with yourself. Our Heart Chakra essential oil blend is created to elevate your vibrations for a heart-opening experience. Invigorating and stimulating, cedarwood, frankincense and juniper are the main attraction in a sweet and spicy fusion that will lift your spirits and help you banish negative emotions.

4. Boost blood circulation

When it’s cold outside, you may feel like it takes more effort to get moving. Swelling and stiffness can make your legs and feet uncomfortable in a season when all you want to do is sit back and relax. Instead of spending hours on the couch or staying in bed, try moving your body by gentle walks, yoga or light jogging. Massaging your body with a body oil made of natural ingredients is also a great way to improve circulation. A leg massage is one of the most enjoyable ways to warm and de-stress your muscles. The gentle, swift strokes will also help to move fluid throughout your lower body. Our body oils provide an aromatherapy boost, whilst the sweet almond and jojoba carrier oils are nourishing and luxuriously moisturising for the skin.

5. Get creative by blending oils

A great way to beat the winter blues is by getting crafty and creative, especially during those days that are cold and rainy outside. You can make your own beauty and home care products using essential oils. It is so easy to make your own lip balm, candles, body scrubs and much more using essential oils. You can also create your own essential oil blends by mixing your favourite oils. At Clarity Blend, we offer a range of high quality essential oils, such as lavender, peppermint, sweet orange and frankincense, which you can use in your creations.

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