Step into spring with natural goodness

At Clarity Blend, we believe in living in tune with the seasons and spring is one of our favourite seasons. With nature blossoming around us and longer days, things become a little brighter. Spring is the perfect time for a refresh on a large scale – refreshing everything from our bodies, our routines, our work and living spaces and even our outlook on life. We may get a surge of energy and inspiration to refresh our routines. Think spring clean on a wider scale!

In this blog, we look at five different ways of how we can refresh our routines using natural goodness.

  1. Detoxification bath

Detoxification can be aided by dry brushing, saunas and steams, detox baths, and cold showers. At Clarity Blend, we are not big fans of concepts like ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’ as this may entail unhealthy (and even unsafe!) practices or dieting (“Detox to retox” has become a popular phrase but this is another example of the unsafe associations with ‘detox’). Using gentle natural ways can help our bodies eliminate toxins. Although our bodies are superbly equipped with systems and organs to eliminate toxins, we are exposed to various toxins in our environment. These range from hygiene products filled with chemicals to food sprayed with pesticides and herbicides or containing microplastics to elevated stress levels.

detox bath with aromatherapy bath salts

Detoxification baths with natural salts, such as Epsom, Pink Himalayan or Dead Sea salts, can support our bodies in releasing toxins. The magnesium-rich salts also work gently to support your muscles. Adding essential oils to the salts will further support the process – and will also add a wonderful relaxing aroma to your bath!

Do you know that the top essential oil for detoxification is Juniper berry?

Juniper berries have a specific affinity with elimination. It’s a powerful diuretic meaning it helps the functioning of our kidneys. Juniper berry essential oil has a fresh, warm, balsamic, woody-pine needle odour. It is noted as being a detoxifying essential oil and is often used in massage formulas for pain and cellulite. It also supports flushing out excess fluid in the body.

Our Active Life bath salts with Epsom and pink Himalayan salts, flower petals and eucalyptus and peppermint are a fantastic way to aid detox.

  1. Preparing your skin for summer

During the autumn and winter months, the skin on our body is prone to dryness due to cold weather and constantly being covered with clothes, including irritating synthetic fabrics. Massaging a natural body oil onto arms and legs will help moisturise but also nourish the cells of the skin. Fantastic carrier oils are sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grapefruit oil and peach kernel oil. They will help get rid of any dry patches, flaky skin and cellulite so that you will literally feel good in your own skin.

bath and body oil pampering in bath

  1. Refresh your skincare routine

Our facial skin changes with the seasons and you may find changes in texture and tone. This can be influenced by a number of seasonal factors, such as moisture levels in the air, temperature and changes in our routines. There are many products on the market but if we had to choose one that would be a cleansing oil!

rose and skin organic cleansing oil

Using a natural cleansing oil 3-4 times a week will not only cleanse your skin getting rid of blemishes and acne but will also essentially provide a deep nourishment to your skin as carrier oils are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, GLA & Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids.

We highly recommend our Soothing Pomegranate & Camomile Cleansing oil from our skincare range Rose & Skin. It is packed with natural goodness, including pomegranate, sesame, castor and sunflower oil and essential oils of camomile, geranium and clary sage.

  1. New signature scent for your home

Spring is when we typically see a renewed interest in aromatherapy. Out with the scented candles burning all winter, in with diffusing natural essential oil blends! Diffusing an essential oil blend will enliven and refresh your space. Essential oils are steam distilled from plants and literally carry the ‘essence’ of the plant as opposed to scented products with artificial fragrances made in a lab. What is more, you can choose between calming, energising or inspiring scents that transport you to a favourite place. This can be a new signature scent for your home!

clarity blend aromatherapy waterless essential oil diffuser

  1. Shop green and zero waste

As part of your spring clean, it is a good idea to also do a mini audit of your shopping routine. Are there areas where you can make some easy eco-friendly swaps to reduce environmental impact?  

One of our favourite places to shop for eco-friendly and sustainable products is the Friendly Turtle The Friendly Turtle offers a huge selection of eco-conscious and ethical swaps. Their blog is brimming with ideas and easy tips on how to shop sustainably.

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