Interview: The Journey to Yoga with Yoga Megs

Yoga is at the heart of Clarity Blend and many of our blends are inspired by yoga practices. This is why we had a great time chatting everything about yoga and the journey to yoga with the lovely yoga teacher Megs from Liverpool… Read till the end for a fantastic offer and an exclusive yoga video!

lady in yoga lotus pose
  1. Can you tell us about your journey, and how you first got interested in yoga? I first tried Yoga through a discount voucher I purchased with my Mum, it was late 2016 and I'd just relocated back home and was living with my parents temporarily. It was INTENSE, 90 minutes of yoga in a 30+ degree's room..sweat in my eyes, the works. but by the end of the class we both felt so amazing that we kept going back! I recently wrote a more detailed blog on how my journey grew from here, I Was absolutely not flexible when I first tried yoga so a lot of time and patience was need, you can read this full blog here;
  2. Why did you decide to start teaching yoga? I'd always felt lost in my career, nothing really sparked and I jumped around from jobs, when I fell in love with yoga I very quickly realised I wanted to teach it, it just felt like it was meant to be, I needed to share this magic with as many people as possible, it felt like i'd been let in on a big secret that I just wanted to spread far and wide!
  3. Which style(s) of yoga do you practice? I originally practiced Ashtanga yoga, which is a routine style repetitive practice. Ashtanga is what most modern forms of yoga are born from, it's strong and as you repeat the same postures in the same order each time it's quite hypnotic! I travelled to India in 2019 to study in Ashtanga and this is what my first 200hrs teacher training was in. I also now practice a more dynamic flow style yoga, incorporating stretches with muscle engagement since I became a qualified Personal Trainer in 2021. I also teach the total opposite end of the scale with Yin yoga, holding deep postures in a relaxing way for several minutes at a time to encourage fascial release and space within the body, it's great for building flexibility!

lady performing yoga stretch in yoga studio

  1. What role does yoga play in your life? Yoga feels like the answer to all my problems, tired? Yoga energises me. Stressed? Yoga eases that. Happy? Yoga helps me really embody that emotion. Whatever I'm feeling there is a yoga class for that and the mindful practice that comes with it, the breathwork and metitative elements help me both on and off the mat. 
  2. Do you have a mission with yoga? What would you like to achieve? I just want to share it with as many people as I possibly can, no matter what you want from yoga (flexibility, strength, stress release etc) you will gain so much from a regular practice. Life will feel less challenging because you can channel all energies on your mat, take that with you off the mat and learn to breathe and mould into different shapes depending what life throws at you. 
  3. Have you got any tips for anyone who is new to yoga? What can they do to get started? As corny as it sounds, start at the beginning, start simple and gentle and find a teacher who will break down postures, discuss muscle engagement with you and lead you to find space in your body and mind. Don't rush, we never 'accomplish' yoga, it is never finished so enjoy the journey. Your body will change and some postures you may never get, that's all part of the magic. 


yoga on demand offer

If you'd like to embark on your own yoga journey, or deepen your current practice with the guidance of a teacher who focuses on Strength as well as Flexibility then Yoga Megs has an offer just for you. 

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Megs has kindly shared with us an exclusive video for our lovely subscribers here:

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